Synonyms of interest in English:



  • 1 we listened with interest
    attentiveness, attention, absorption;
    heed, regard, notice;
    curiosity, inquisitiveness;
    enjoyment, delight, enthusiasm
    [Antonyms] boredom
  • 2 places of interest
    [Antonyms] repulsion
  • 3 this will be of interest to those involved
    [Antonyms] irrelevance
  • 4 her interests include reading
    hobby, pastime, leisure pursuit, recreation, diversion, amusement;
    passion, enthusiasm
    informal thing, bag, cup of tea
  • 5 a financial interest in the firm
    stake, share, claim, investment, stock, equity;
    involvement, concern
  • 6 what is your interest in the case?
    involvement, partiality, partisanship, preference, loyalty;
    bias, prejudice
  • 7 his attorney guarded his interests
    concern, business, affair
  • 8 her savings earned interest
    dividends, profits, returns;
    a percentage
  • verb

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  • 1 a topic that interests you
    appeal to, be of interest to, attract, intrigue, fascinate;
    absorb, engross, rivet, grip, captivate;
    arouse one's curiosity, whet one's appetite
    informal float someone's boat, tickle someone's fancy
    [Antonyms] bore
  • 2 can I interest you in a drink?
    persuade to have, tempt to have;
  • Phrases

    in someone's best interests

    there was bitter disagreement over which treatment would be in their father's best interests
    of (the most) benefit to, to the advantage of;
    for the sake of, for the benefit of

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