Synonyms of interrupt in English:



  • 1 she opened her mouth to interrupt
    cut in (on), break in (on), barge in (on), intervene (in), put one's oar in, put one's two cents in, interject
    informal butt in (on), chime in (with)
  • 2 the band had to interrupt their tour
    suspend, adjourn, discontinue, break off, put on hold;
    stop, halt, cease, end, bring to an end/close
    informal put on ice, put on the back burner
  • 3 the coastal plain is interrupted by large lagoons
    break (up) by, punctuate by/with;
    pepper with, strew with, dot with, scatter with, sprinkle with
  • 4 their view was interrupted by houses
    obstruct, impede, block, restrict, hamper
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