Synonyms of intimate in English:



  • 1 an intimate friend of Picasso's
    close, bosom, dear, cherished, faithful, devoted, fast, firm, familiar
    informal chummy
    [Antonyms] distant
  • 2 an intimate atmosphere
    friendly, warm, welcoming, hospitable, relaxed, informal;
    informal comfy
    [Antonyms] formal, cold
  • 3 intimate thoughts
    innermost, inner, inward, deep, deepest;
    unspoken, undisclosed
  • 4 an intimate knowledge of the music industry
    detailed, thorough, exhaustive, deep, in-depth, profound;
    direct, personal, immediate, firsthand
    informal up-close-and-personal
    [Antonyms] sketchy, superficial
  • 5 intimate relations
    sexual, carnal, romantic, amorous, amatory
    [Antonyms] nonsexual, platonic
  • noun

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  • 1 his circle of intimates
    close friend, best friend, bosom friend, confidant, confidante
    informal chum, pal, crony, buddy, bosom buddy, bud, gal pal, BFF
    chiefly British informal mate
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    Synonyms of intimate in English:



  • 1 he intimated to the committee his decision to retire
    announce, state, proclaim, declare, make known, make public, publicize, disclose, reveal, divulge, set forth
  • 2 her feelings were subtly intimated
    imply, suggest, hint at, insinuate, indicate, signal, allude to, refer to, convey
    informal get at, drive at
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