Synonyms of jam in English:



  • 1 he jammed a finger in each ear
    stuff, shove, force, ram, thrust, press, push, stick, squeeze, cram
  • 2 hundreds of people jammed into the hall
    crowd, pack, pile, press, squeeze, squish, cram, wedge;
    throng, mob, occupy, fill, overcrowd, obstruct, block, congest
  • 3 the rudder had jammed
    stick, become stuck, catch, seize (up), become trapped
  • 4 dust can jam the mechanism
    immobilize, paralyze, disable, cripple, put out of action, bring to a standstill;
  • 5 we were just jamming and his amp blew
    improvise, play (music), extemporize, ad lib
  • noun

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  • 1 a traffic jam
    congestion, holdup, bottleneck, gridlock, backup, tie-up, snarl-up
  • 2 informal we are in a real jam
    predicament, plight, tricky situation, difficulty, problem, quandary, dilemma, muddle, mess, imbroglio, mare's nest, dire straits
    informal pickle, stew, fix, hole, scrape, bind, tangle, spot, tight spot, corner, tight corner, hot/deep water, can of worms
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    Synonyms of jam in English:



  • 1 raspberry jam
    preserve, conserve, jelly, marmalade, fruit spread, compote, (fruit) butter
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