Synonyms of joint in English:



  • 1 cracks in the joint
    juncture, junction, join, intersection, confluence, nexus, link, linkage, connection; weld, seam; Anatomycommissure
  • 2 the hip joint
  • 3 informal a classy joint
    establishment, restaurant, bar, club, nightclub, place; hole, dump, dive; strip club See also bar (sense 4) of the noun)
  • 4 informal he rolled a joint
    marijuana cigarette, cannabis cigarette
    informal reefer, doobie, roach, jay, blunt, spliff
  • adjective

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  • 1 matters of joint interest a joint effort
    common, shared, communal, collective; mutual, cooperative, collaborative, concerted, combined, united, bilateral, multilateral
    [Antonyms] separate
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