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Synonyms of keep in English:


  • 1 you should keep all the old forms
    retain, hold on to, keep hold of, retain possession of, keep possession of, not part with;
    save, store, conserve, put aside, set aside
    informal hang on to, stash away
    [Antonyms] throw away, lose
  • 2 I tried to keep calm
    remain, continue to be, stay, carry on being, persist in being
  • 3 he keeps talking about the Super Bowl
    persist in, keep on, carry on, continue, do something constantly
    [Antonyms] stop, give up
  • 4 I won't keep you long
    detain, keep waiting, delay, hold up, retard, slow down
  • 5 most people kept the rules he had to keep his promise
    comply with, obey, observe, conform to, abide by, adhere to, stick to, heed, follow;
    fulfill, carry out, act on, make good, honor, keep to, stand by
    [Antonyms] disobey, break
  • 6 keeping the old traditions
    preserve, keep alive/up, keep going, carry on, perpetuate, maintain, uphold, sustain
    [Antonyms] discard, abandon
  • 7 that's where we keep the linen
    store, house, stow, put (away), place, deposit
  • 8 she keeps rabbits
    breed, rear, raise, farm;
    own, have as a pet
  • 9 God keep you keep them from harm
    [Antonyms] neglect, endanger
  • 10 she kept their whereabouts from us
    keep secret, keep hidden, hide, conceal, withhold
  • 11 worry kept her from sleeping
    prevent, stop, restrain, hold back
    [Antonyms] enable, allow
  • noun

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  • 1 money to pay for his keep
    maintenance, upkeep, sustenance, board, room and board, lodging, food, livelihood
  • Phrases

    keep at
    she's determined to keep at her studies until she passes the bar exam
    persevere with/in/at, persist in/with, keep going with, carry on with, press on with, work away at, continue with
    informal stick at, plug away at, hammer away at
    keep something back
  • 1.1 she kept back some of the money
    reserve, keep in reserve, put aside/by, set aside;
    retain, hold back, hold on to, not part with
    informal stash away
  • 2.1 she kept back the details
    withhold, keep secret, keep hidden, conceal, suppress, keep quiet about
  • 3.1 she could hardly keep back her tears
    suppress, stifle, choke back, fight back, hold back/in, repress, keep in check, contain, smother, swallow, bite back
  • keep from
    it's hard to keep from smoking
    refrain from, stop oneself, restrain oneself from, prevent oneself from, forbear from, avoid
    keep off
  • 1.1 we ask that you please keep off the playing field
    stay off, not enter, keep away from, stay away from, not trespass on
  • 2.1 Maud tried to keep off political subjects
    avoid, steer clear of, stay away from, evade, dodge, sidestep, bypass, skirt around
    informal duck
  • 3.1 you should keep off alcohol
    abstain from, do without, refrain from, give up, forgo, not touch
    informal swear off
    formal forswear
  • keep on
    they kept on working despite our exhaustion, we agreed to keep on
    continue, go on, carry on, persist in, persevere in;
    soldier on, struggle on, keep going
    keep something up
    keep up the good work
    continue (with), keep on with, keep going with, carry on with, persist with, persevere with
    keep up with
    she walked fast to keep up with them
    keep pace with, keep abreast of;
    match, equal
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