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Synonyms of knock in English:


  • 1 he knocked on the door
    strike, hit, beat
  • 2 she knocked her knee on the table
    bump, bang, hit, strike, crack;
    injure, hurt, bruise
    informal bash, thwack
  • 3 he knocked into an elderly man
    collide with, bump into, bang into, be in collision with, run into, crash into, smash into, plow into, bash into
  • 4 informal I'm not knocking the company See criticize
  • noun

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  • 1 a sharp knock at the door
    tap, rap, rat-tat-tat, knocking, bang, banging, pounding, hammering, drumming, thump, thud
  • 2 the casing is tough enough to withstand knocks
    bump, blow, bang, jolt, jar, shock;
    collision, crash, smash, impact
  • 3 informal this isn't a knock on Dave See criticism (sense 1)
  • 4 life's hard knocks
    setback, reversal, defeat, failure, difficulty, misfortune, bad luck, mishap, blow, disaster, calamity, disappointment, sorrow, trouble, hardship
    informal kick in the teeth
  • Phrases

    knock something back
    informal we can watch the game and knock back a few beers
    swallow, gulp down, drink (up), quaff, guzzle, slug, down, swig, drain, swill (down), toss off, scarf (down)
    knock someone/something down
    he deliberately knocked down the display of toilet paper in aisle 3
    fell, floor, flatten, bring down, knock to the ground;
    knock over, run over/down;
    demolish, pull down, tear down, destroy;
    raze (to the ground), level, bulldoze
    knock it off!
    informal it's not funny anymore, so just knock it off!
    stop it
    informal cut it out, give it a rest, pack it in, that's enough, lay off
    knock someone out
  • 1.1 I hit him and knocked him out
    knock unconscious, knock senseless;
    floor, prostrate, put out cold, KO, kayo
  • 2.1 in the second match, Canada was knocked out
    eliminate, beat, defeat, vanquish, overwhelm, trounce
  • 3.1 informal walking that far knocked her out
    exhaust, wear out, tire (out), overtire, fatigue, weary, drain
    informal do in, take it out of
  • 4.1 informal the view knocked me out
    informal bowl over, flabbergast, blow away
  • knock someone up
    vulgar slang she's not the first girl he's knocked up
    get/make pregnant, impregnate
    informal put in the family way
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