Synonyms of land in English:



  • 1 publicly owned land
    grounds, fields, terrain, territory, open space;
    property, landholding, acres, acreage, lands, real estate, realty, estate
    historical demesne
  • 2 fertile land
    soil, earth, loam, topsoil, humus;
  • 3 many people are leaving the land
    the countryside, the country, rural areas, farmland, agricultural land
  • 4 Tunisia is a land of variety
    region, area, domain
  • 5 the lookout sighted land to the east
    [Antonyms] sea
  • verb

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  • 1 Canadian troops landed at Juno Beach
    disembark, go ashore, debark, alight, get off
    [Antonyms] embark
  • 2 our ship landed at New London
    [Antonyms] set sail
  • 3 their plane landed in Chicago
    touch down, make a landing, come in to land, come down
    [Antonyms] take off
  • 4 a bird landed on the branch
    [Antonyms] fly off
  • 5 informal Nick landed the job of editor
    obtain, get, acquire, secure, be appointed to, gain, net, win, achieve, attain, carry off
    informal bag
  • 6 informal Joanne's drug habit landed her in big trouble
    bring, lead to, drive to, cause to be in
  • 7 informal he landed a left hook that staggered Curry
    inflict, deal, deliver, administer, dispense, score, mete out
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    terrestrial relating to the earth or dry land

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