Synonyms of lap in English:



  • 1 Liam sat on Santa's lap
  • Definition of lap in:

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    Synonyms of lap in English:



  • 1 a race of eight laps
    circuit, leg, circle, revolution, round;
  • verb

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  • 1 she lapped the other runners
    overtake, outstrip, leave behind, pass, go past;
    catch up with
    informal leapfrog
  • 2 literary he was lapped in blankets
    wrap, swathe, envelop, enfold, swaddle
  • Definition of lap in:

    Synonyms of lap in English:



  • 1 waves lapped against the sea wall
    splash, wash, swish, slosh, break, beat, strike, dash, roll
    literary plash
  • 2 the dog lapped water out of a puddle
    drink, lick up, swallow, slurp, gulp
  • Phrases

    lap something up

    he was lapping up the accolades
    relish, revel in, savor, delight in, glory in, enjoy

    Definition of lap in: