Synonyms of lead in English:

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lead 1


  • 1 Michelle led them into the house
    [Antonyms] follow
  • 2 he led us to believe they were lying
    cause, induce, prompt, move, persuade, influence, drive, condition, make;
  • 3 this might lead to job losses
    result in, cause, bring on/about, give rise to, be the cause of, make happen, create, produce, occasion, effect, generate, contribute to, promote;
    provoke, stir up, spark off, arouse, foment, instigate;
    involve, necessitate, entail
    formal effectuate
    [Antonyms] prevent
  • 4 he led a march to the city center
    be at the head of, be at the front of, head, spearhead;
    [Antonyms] follow
  • 5 she led a coalition of radicals
    be the leader of, be the head of, preside over, head, command, govern, rule, be in charge of, be in command of, be in control of, run, control, direct, be at the helm of;
    administer, organize, manage;
    reign over, be in power over
    informal head up
    [Antonyms] serve in
  • 6 the home team was leading at halftime
    be ahead, be winning, be (out) in front, be in the lead, be first, be on top
    [Antonyms] trail
  • 7 the champion was leading the field
    be at the front of, be first in, be ahead of, head;
    outrun, outstrip, outpace, leave behind, draw away from;
    outdo, outclass, beat
    informal leave standing
    [Antonyms] trail
  • 8 I just want to lead a normal life
    experience, have, live, spend
  • noun

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  • 1 I was in the lead early on
    the leading position, first place, the van, the vanguard;
    ahead, in front, winning
  • 2 they took the lead in the personal computer market
    first position, forefront, primacy, dominance, superiority, ascendancy;
    preeminence, supremacy, advantage, upper hand, whip hand
  • 3 playing the lead
    leading role, star/starring role, title role, principal part;
    principal character, male lead, female lead, leading man, leading lady
  • 4 a Labrador on a lead
    leash, tether, rope, chain, cord
  • 5 detectives were following up a new lead
    clue, hint, tip, tip-off, suggestion, indication, sign, pointer
  • adjective

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  • 1 the lead position
  • Phrases

    lead something off
    let's lead off the meeting with a few words from Mr. Diaz
    begin, start (off), commence, open
    informal kick off
    lead someone on
    were you leading her on with that talk about marriage?
    informal string along, lead up the garden path, take for a ride, fleece, inveigle, hornswoggle, scam
    lead the way
  • 1.1 he led the way to the kitchen
    guide someone, conduct someone, show someone the way
  • 2.1 our corporation is leading the way in new technologies
    take the initiative, break (new) ground, blaze a trail, prepare the way, be at the forefront
  • lead up to
    perhaps these informal meetings will lead up to a more formal relationship
    prepare the way for, pave the way for, lay the groundwork for, set the scene for, work up/around to
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    Synonyms of lead in English:

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    lead 2


  • 1 informal get that lead down to forensics immediately
    bullet, slug, pellet;
    shot, buckshot, ammunition
  • Phrases

    get the lead out
    come on you guys—get the lead out!
    dated make haste
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