Synonyms of lean in English:



  • 1 Polly leaned against the door
    rest on/against, recline on/against, be supported by
  • 2 trees leaning in the wind
    slant, incline, bend, tilt, be at an angle, slope, tip, list
  • 3 he leans toward existentialist philosophy
    tend toward, incline toward, gravitate toward;
    have a preference for, have a penchant for, be partial to, have a liking for, have an affinity with
  • 4 a strong shoulder to lean on
    depend on, be dependent on, rely on, count on, bank on, have faith in, trust (in)
  • 5 informal he leaned on me to change my mind
    intimidate, coerce, browbeat, bully, threaten, put pressure on, harass, hassle
    informal twist someone's arm, put the screws on, hold a gun to someone's head
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    Synonyms of lean in English:



  • 1 a tall, lean man
    [Antonyms] fat
  • 2 a lean harvest
    meager, sparse, poor, mean, inadequate, insufficient, paltry, scanty, deficient, insubstantial
    [Antonyms] plentiful, abundant
  • 3 lean times
    hard, bad, difficult, tough, impoverished, poverty-stricken
    [Antonyms] prosperous
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