Synonyms of leg in English:



  • 1 Lee broke his leg
    lower limb, limb, shank
    informal pin
  • 2 the first leg of a European tour
    part, stage, portion, segment, section, phase, stretch, lap
  • Phrases

    give someone a leg up

    we all want to give our kids a leg up in the worldhelp/assist someonegive someone assistancelend someone a helping handgive someone a boost

    leg it

    on its/one's last legs

    the barn is on its last legsdilapidatedworn outricketyabout to fall apartabout to become obsoletefailingdyingterminalon one's deathbed

    pull someone's leg

    is Julie really sick or is she just pulling my leg?tease someonemake fun of someoneteasejokemake funfooljestjoke with someoneplay a (practical) joke on someoneplay a trick on someonemake a monkey out of someonehoax someonefool someonedeceive someonelead someone onhoodwink someonedupe someonebeguile someonegull someone informalkid someonehave someone onrib someonetake someone for a rideput someone on

    stretch one's legs

    we always like to stretch our legs after dinnergo for a walktake a strollwalkstrollmove aboutget some exercise

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