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Synonyms of leg in English:


  • 1 Lee broke his leg
    lower limb, limb, shank
    informal pin
  • 2 the first leg of a European tour
    part, stage, portion, segment, section, phase, stretch, lap
  • Phrases

    give someone a leg up
    we all want to give our kids a leg up in the world
    help/assist someone, give someone assistance, lend someone a helping hand, give someone a boost
    leg it
    on its/one's last legs
    the barn is on its last legs
    dilapidated, worn out, rickety, about to fall apart, about to become obsolete;
    failing, dying, terminal, on one's deathbed
    pull someone's leg
    is Julie really sick or is she just pulling my leg?
    tease someone, make fun of someone, tease, joke, make fun, fool, jest, joke with someone, play a (practical) joke on someone, play a trick on someone, make a monkey out of someone;
    hoax someone, fool someone, deceive someone, lead someone on, hoodwink someone, dupe someone, beguile someone, gull someone
    informal kid someone, have someone on, rib someone, take someone for a ride, put someone on
    stretch one's legs
    we always like to stretch our legs after dinner
    go for a walk, take a stroll, walk, stroll, move about, get some exercise
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