Synonyms of license in English:



  • 1 a driver's license
    permit, certificate, document, documentation, authorization, warrant;
    certification, credentials;
  • 2 you have license to make changes
    permission, authority, right, a free hand, leave, authorization, entitlement, privilege, prerogative;
    liberty, freedom, power, latitude, scope, free rein, carte blanche, a blank check, the go-ahead
  • 3 poetic license
    disregard for the facts, inventiveness, invention, creativity, imagination, fancy, freedom, looseness
  • verb

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  • 1 we're licensed to sell beer
    permit, allow, authorize, grant/give authority, grant/give permission, grant/give a license;
    certify, empower, entitle, enable, give approval, let, qualify, sanction
    informal rubber stamp
    [Antonyms] ban
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