Synonyms of lick in English:



  • 1 the spaniel licked his face
    pass one's tongue over, touch with one's tongue, tongue;
  • 2 informal they licked the home team 3–0 See defeat (sense 1) of the verb)
  • 3 informal we've got that problem licked
    overcome, get the better of, find an answer/solution to, conquer, beat, control, master, curb, check
  • noun

    informal Back to top  
  • 1 a lick of paint
    dab, bit, drop, dash, spot, touch, splash
    informal smidgen
  • 2 a guitar lick
    short solo, riff, line, theme
  • Phrases

    lick someone's boots/shoes

    nobody licks the boss's boots with more finesse than she does
    suck up to, toady to, be servile to, be obsequious to, fawn over, flatter, butter up, ingratiate oneself with, brown-nose with/to

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