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Synonyms of life in English:


  • 1 the joy of giving life to a child
    existence, being, living, animation;
    sentience, creation, viability
    [Antonyms] death, nonexistence
  • 2 threats to life on the planet
    living things, living beings, living creatures, the living;
    human/animal/plant life, fauna, flora, ecosystems;
  • 3 an easy life
    way of life, lifestyle, situation, fate, lot
  • 4 the last nine months of his life
    lifetime, life span, days, time on earth, existence
  • 5 he is full of life
    informal oomph, pizzazz, pep, zing, zip, vim
  • 6 the life of the party
    moving spirit, vital spirit, spirit, life force, lifeblood, heart, soul
  • 7 more than 1,500 lives were lost in the accident
    person, human being, individual, soul
  • 8 I really wanted a new car, but that's life
    the way of the world, the way things go, the human condition;
    fate, destiny, providence, kismet, karma, fortune, luck, chance
    informal the way the cookie crumbles, the breaks
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    bio- forming words meaning ‘relating to life or living beings,’ such as biosphere (‘the parts of the earth inhabited by living things’)
    animate alive; having life


    Life is not having been told that the man has just waxed the floor.
    Ogden Nash “You and Me and P. B. Shelley” (1942)


    come to life
  • 1.1 the kids are finally coming to life
    become active, come alive, wake up, awaken, arouse, rouse, stir
    literary waken
  • 2.1 the carved angel suddenly came to life
    become animate, come alive
  • for dear life
    we held on to the rope for dear life
    desperately, with all one's might, for all one is worth, as fast/hard as possible, like the devil
    give one's life
  • 1.1 he would give his life for her
    die for, lay down one's life for, sacrifice oneself for, offer one's life for, die to save
  • 2.1 he gave his life to the company
    dedicate oneself, devote oneself, give oneself, surrender oneself
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