Synonyms of lift in English:



  • 1 lift the pack onto your back
    raise, hoist, heave, haul up, heft, raise up/aloft, elevate, hold high; pick up, grab, take up, scoop up, snatch up; winch up, jack up, lever up
    informal hump
    literary upheave
    [Antonyms] drop put down
  • 2 the news lifted his spirits
    boost, raise, buoy up, elevate, cheer up, perk up, uplift, brighten up, gladden, encourage, stimulate, revive
    informal buck up
    [Antonyms] subdue
  • 3 the fog had lifted
    clear, rise, disperse, dissipate, disappear, vanish, dissolve
    [Antonyms] appear
  • 4 the ban has been lifted
    cancel, remove, withdraw, revoke, rescind, annul, void, discontinue, end, stop, terminate
    [Antonyms] establish impose
  • 5 he lifted his voice
    amplify, raise, make louder, increase
    [Antonyms] soften quiet
  • 6 informal he lifted sections from a 1986 article
    plagiarize, pirate, copy, reproduce, poach, steal
    informal crib, rip off, pinch
  • 7 informal she lifted a wallet See steal (sense 1) of the verb)
  • noun

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  • 1 give me a lift up
    push, boost, hoist, heave, thrust, shove
  • 2 he gave me a lift to the airport
    a ride, a drive, transportation
  • 3 that goal will give his confidence a real lift
    boost, fillip, stimulus, impetus, encouragement, spur, push; improvement, enhancement
    informal shot in the arm, pick-me-up
  • Phrases

    lift off

    the helicopters lifted off at 1030 hourstake offbecome airbornetake to the airtake wingbe launchedblast offrise

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