Synonyms of line in English:



  • 1 he drew a line through the name
    dash, rule, bar, score; underline, underscore, stroke, slash
    technical stria, striation
  • 5 (usually lines) behind enemy lines
    position, formation, defense, fieldwork, front (line); trenches
  • 8 a line of figures
    column, row
  • 13 informal he fed me a line
    story, piece of fiction, fabrication
    informal spiel
  • 14 (lines) he couldn't remember his lines
    words, part, script, speech


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  • 1 her face was lined with age
    furrow, wrinkle, crease, pucker, mark with lines


draw the line at

we draw the line at keg parties stop short of/atrefuse to acceptbalk atobject totake issue withtake exception to

in line

  • 1.1 they stood in line for food
    in a row, in a file, in a lineup; chiefly British in a queue
  • 2.1 the advertisements are in line with the editorial style
    in agreement, in accord, in accordance, in harmony, in step, in compliance
  • 3.1 he stood in line with the target
    in alignment, aligned, level, at the same height; side by side

in line for

Laine is in line for a senior position a candidate forin the running foron the short list forbeing considered for

get a line on

were you able to get a line on their upcoming projects? learn something aboutfind out aboutbe informed abouthear abouthear tell about

lay it on the line

go ahead, lay it on the line, I can take it speak franklyspeak honestlybe directpull no punchesbe bluntnot mince one's wordscall a spade a spade informalgive it to someone straight

line up

  • 1.1 line up for inspection
    form a line, get into rows/columns, fall in; chiefly British queue up; Military dress
  • 2.1 they lined them up against the wall
    arrange in lines, put in rows, arrange in columns, align, range; Military dress
  • 3.1 we've lined up an all-star cast
    assemble, put together, organize, prepare, arrange, prearrange, fix up; book, schedule

on the line

a firefighter's life is on the line every day at riskin dangerin jeopardyendangeredimperiled

toe the line

the choice is yours: toe the line or pack your bags conformobey the rulesobserve the rulescomply with the rulesabide by the rulesfollow the rules informalplay by the rules

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Synonyms of line in English:



  • 1 they lined the handbags with a quilted rayon
    put a lining in, interline, face, back, pad


line one's pockets

informal he had lined his pockets with campaign funds make moneyaccept bribesembezzle money informalfeather one's nestgraftgriftbe on the make

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