Synonyms of little in English:



  • 1 a little writing desk
    small, small-scale, compact; mini, miniature, tiny, minute, minuscule; toy, baby, pocket, undersized, dwarf, midget, wee
    informal teeny-weeny, teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy, itty-bitty, little-bitty, half-pint, vest-pocket, li'l, micro
    [Antonyms] big large
  • 2 a little man
    short, small, slight, petite, diminutive, tiny; elfin, dwarfish, midget, pygmy, Lilliputian
    informal teeny-weeny, pint-sized, peewee
    [Antonyms] big large
  • 3 my little sister
    young, younger, junior, small, baby, infant
    [Antonyms] big elder
  • 4 I was a bodyguard for a little while
    [Antonyms] long
  • 5 a few little problems
    [Antonyms] important significant
  • 6 they have little political influence
    hardly any, not much, slight, scant, limited, restricted, modest, little or/to no, minimal, negligible
    [Antonyms] considerable
  • 7 you little sneak
    contemptible, mean, spiteful, petty, small-minded
  • adverb

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  • 1 he is little known as a singer they little thought
    hardly, barely, scarcely, not much, not at all, slightly, only slightly
    [Antonyms] well
  • 2 his art has been little seen in Canada
    rarely, seldom, infrequently, hardly, hardly ever, scarcely, scarcely ever, not much
    [Antonyms] often
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    a little

  • 1.1 add a little vinegar
    some, a small amount of, a bit of, a touch of, a soupçon of, a dash of, a taste of, a spot of; a shade of, a suggestion of, a trace of, a hint of, a suspicion of; a dribble of, a splash of, a pinch of, a sprinkling of, a speck of
    informal a smidgen of, a tad of
  • 2.1 after a little, Oliver came in
    a short time, a little while, a bit, an interval, a short period; a minute, a moment, a second, an instant
    informal a sec, a mo, a jiffy
  • 3.1 this reminds me a little of the Adriatic
    slightly, faintly, remotely, vaguely; somewhat, a little bit, to some degree
  • little by little

    little by little, the house fell into disrepairgraduallyslowlyby degreesby stagesstep by stepbit by bitprogressivelysubtlyimperceptibly

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