Synonyms of live in English:

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live 1


  • 1 the greatest mathematician who ever lived
    exist, be alive, be, have life;
    breathe, draw breath, walk the earth
    [Antonyms] die, be dead
  • 2 I live in Arkansas
    reside in, have one's home in, have one's residence in, be settled in;
    be housed in, lodge in;
    inhabit, occupy, populate
    formal dwell in, be domiciled in
  • 3 they lived quietly
    pass/spend one's life, have a lifestyle;
    behave, conduct oneself
    formal comport oneself
  • 4 she had lived a difficult life
    experience, spend, pass, lead, have, go through, undergo
  • 5 Fred lived by his wits
    survive, make a living, earn one's living, eke out a living;
    subsist, support oneself, sustain oneself, make ends meet, keep body and soul together
  • 6 you should get out there and live
    enjoy oneself, enjoy life, have fun, live life to the full/fullest
  • Phrases

    live it up
    informal they're living it up in Hawaii
    live extravagantly, live in the lap of luxury, live in clover;
    carouse, revel, enjoy oneself, have a good time, go on a spree
    informal party, paint the town red, have a ball, live high on/off the hog
    archaic wassail
    live off/on
    the gulls live off discarded fish
    subsist on, feed on/off, eat, consume
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    Synonyms of live in English:

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    live 2


  • 1 live bait
    living, alive, having life, breathing, animate, sentient
    [Antonyms] dead, inanimate
  • 2 a live performance
    in the flesh, personal, in person, not recorded
    [Antonyms] recorded
  • 3 a live wire
    electrified, charged, powered, active
    informal hot
    [Antonyms] inactive
  • 4 live coals
    hot, glowing, red hot, aglow;
    burning, alight, flaming, aflame, blazing, ignited, on fire
    literary afire
  • 5 a live grenade
    unexploded, explosive, active;
    unstable, volatile
    [Antonyms] inactive
  • Phrases

    live wire
    informal that Goldie is a real live wire
    energetic person
    informal fireball, human dynamo, powerhouse, life of the party
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