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  • 1 he has a load to deliver
    cargo, freight, a consignment, a delivery, a shipment, goods, merchandise; a pack, a bundle, a parcel; a truckload, a shipload, a boatload, a vanload, a planeload
  • 2 informal I bought a load of clothes
    a lot of, a great deal of, a large amount/quantity of, an abundance of, a wealth of, a mountain of; many, plenty of
    informal a heap of, a mass of, a pile of, a stack of, a ton of, lots of, heaps of, masses of, piles of, stacks of, tons of, a buttload of
  • 3 a heavy teaching load
    commitment, responsibility, duty, obligation, charge, burden; trouble, worry, strain, pressure


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  • 2 Larry loaded boxes into the jeep
    pack, stow, store, stack, bundle; place, deposit, put away
  • 4 Richard loaded Marshal with honors
    reward, ply, regale, shower
  • 5 he loaded a gun
    prime, charge, prepare to fire/use
  • 6 load the cassette into the camcorder
    insert, put, place, slot
  • 7 the dice are loaded against him
    bias, rig, fix; weight

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