Synonyms of lock in English:



  • 1 the lock on the door
    bolt, catch, fastener, clasp, bar, hasp, latch
  • verb

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  • 1 he locked the door
    bolt, fasten, bar, secure, seal; padlock, latch, chain
    [Antonyms] unlock open
  • 2 they locked arms
    join, interlock, intertwine, link, mesh, engage, unite, connect, yoke, mate; couple
    [Antonyms] separate divide
  • 3 the wheels locked
    become stuck, stick, jam, become/make immovable, become/make rigid
  • 4 he locked her in an embrace
    clasp, grasp, embrace, hug, squeeze, clench
  • Phrases

    lock horns

    he's locked horns with every boss he's ever hadarguequarrelfightdisagreesquabblebicker

    lock lips

    informal I saw you locking lips with Quinnkiss informalsmoochpeckneckcanoodlemake out

    lock someone out of

    we were locked out of the conferencekeep out ofshut out of/fromrefuse entrance todeny admittance toexclude frombar fromdebar fromban from

    lock someone up

    take him away and lock him upimprisonjailincarceratesend to prisonput behind barsput under lock and keyput in chainsclap in ironscagepencoop up informalput awayput inside

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