Synonyms of long in English:



  • 1 a long silence
    lengthy, extended, prolonged, extensive, protracted, long-lasting, long-drawn-out, drawn-out, spun out, dragged out, seemingly endless, lingering, interminable
    [Antonyms] short brief
  • Phrases

    before long

    we'll be in Kentucky before longsoonshortlypresentlyin the near futurein a little whileby and byin a minutein a momentin a second informalanonin a jiffy dateddirectly literaryere long

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    Word of the day ween
    Pronunciation: wiːn
    be of the opinion; think or suppose

    Synonyms of long in English:



  • 1 I longed for a vacation
    yearn for, pine for, ache for, hanker for/after, hunger for, thirst for, itch for, be eager for, be desperate for; crave, dream of, set one's heart on
    informal have a yen for, be dying for
  • Definition of long in: