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Synonyms of lost in English:


  • 1 her lost keys
    missing, mislaid, misplaced, vanished, disappeared, gone missing, gone astray, forgotten, nowhere to be found;
    absent, not present, strayed;
  • 2 I think we're lost
    off course, off track, disorientated, having lost one's bearings, going around in circles, adrift, at sea, astray
  • 3 a lost opportunity
    missed, forfeited, neglected, wasted, squandered, gone by the boards
    informal down the drain
  • 4 lost traditions
    bygone, past, former, one-time, previous, old, olden, departed, vanished, forgotten, consigned to oblivion, extinct, dead, gone
  • 5 lost species and habitats
    extinct, died out, defunct, vanished, gone;
    destroyed, wiped out, ruined, wrecked, exterminated, eradicated
  • 6 a lost cause
    hopeless, beyond hope, futile, forlorn, failed, beyond remedy, beyond recovery
  • 7 lost souls
    damned, fallen, irredeemable, irreclaimable, irretrievable, past hope, past praying for, condemned, cursed, doomed
    literary accursed
    [Antonyms] saved
  • 8 lost in thought
    engrossed, absorbed, rapt, immersed, deep, intent, engaged, wrapped up
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