Synonyms of luck in English:



  • 1 with luck you'll make it
    good fortune, good luck;
    a fluke, a stroke of luck
    informal a lucky break
    [Antonyms] bad luck, misfortune
  • 2 I wish you luck
    success, prosperity, good fortune, good luck
    [Antonyms] failure, misfortune
  • 3 it is a matter of luck whether it hits or misses
    fortune, fate, destiny, Lady Luck, lot, the stars, karma, kismet;
    fortuity, serendipity;
    chance, accident, a twist of fate
  • Quote

    A self-made man is one who believes in luck and sends his son to Oxford.
    Christina Stead House of All Nations ( 1938)


    in luck

    you're in luck, there's one blue sweater left in your size
    fortunate, lucky, blessed with good luck, born under a lucky star;
    successful, having a charmed life

    out of luck

    sorry, you're out of luck—the bus left just five minutes ago
    unfortunate, unlucky, luckless, hapless, unsuccessful, cursed, jinxed, ill-fated
    literary star-crossed

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