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Synonyms of make in English:


  • 1 he makes models
    [Antonyms] destroy
  • 2 I didn't want to go but she made me
    force, compel, coerce, press, drive, pressure, oblige, require;
    have someone do something, prevail on, dragoon, bludgeon, strong-arm, impel, constrain
    informal railroad
  • 3 don't make such a noise
  • 4 she made a little bow
    perform, execute, give, do, accomplish, achieve, bring off, carry out, effect
  • 5 they made him chairman
    appoint, designate, name, nominate, select, elect, vote in, install;
    induct, institute, invest, ordain
  • 6 he had made a will
    formulate, frame, draw up, devise, make out, prepare, compile, compose, put together;
    draft, write, pen
  • 7 I've made a mistake
    perpetrate, commit, be responsible for, be guilty of, be to blame for
  • 8 he's made a lot of money
    bring in, take (in), rake in
    [Antonyms] lose
  • 9 he made dinner
    prepare, get ready, put together, concoct, cook, dish up, throw together, whip up, brew
    informal fix
  • 10 we've got to make a decision
    reach, come to, settle on, determine on, conclude
  • 11 she made a short announcement
    utter, give, deliver, give voice to, enunciate, recite, pronounce
  • 12 the sofa makes a good bed
    be, act as, serve as, function as, constitute, do duty for
  • 13 he'll make the team
    gain a place in, get into, gain access to, enter;
    achieve, attain
  • 14 he just made his train
    catch, get, arrive/be in time for, arrive at, reach;
    get to
    [Antonyms] miss
  • noun

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  • 1 what make is the car?
    brand, marque, label
  • 2 a man of a different make from his brother
  • Phrases

    make as if/though
    he made as if to run away
    feign, pretend, make a show/pretense of, affect, feint, make out
    make believe
    we encourage the children to make believe
    pretend, fantasize, daydream, build castles in the air, dream, imagine, play-act, play
    make do
    we have precious little but we make do we'll have to make do with just one income
    informal make out
    (make do with) make the best of, get by on, put up with
    make for
  • 1.1 she made for the door
    go for/toward, head for/toward, aim for, make one's way toward, move toward, direct one's steps toward, steer a course toward, be bound for, make a beeline for
  • 2.1 constant arguing doesn't make for a happy marriage
    contribute to, be conducive to, produce, promote, facilitate, foster
  • make it
  • 1.1 he'll never make it as a singer
    succeed, be a success, distinguish oneself, get ahead, make good
    informal make the grade, arrive
  • 2.1 she's very ill—is she going to make it?
    survive, come through, pull through, get better, recover
  • make love
    make off with
    they made off with all the wedding gifts
    take, steal, purloin, pilfer, abscond with, run away/off with, carry off, snatch;
    kidnap, abduct
    informal walk away/off with, swipe, filch, nab, lift, “liberate”, “borrow”, snitch, pinch
    make out
  • 1.1 how did you make out?
    get on/along, fare, do, proceed, go, progress, manage, survive, cope, get by
  • 2.1 I could just make out a figure in the distance
  • 3.1 he couldn't make out what she was saying
    understand, comprehend, follow, grasp, fathom, work out, make sense of, interpret, decipher, make head(s) or tail(s) of, get, get the drift of, catch
  • 4.1 she made out that he was violent
    allege, claim, assert, declare, maintain, affirm, suggest, imply, hint, insinuate, indicate, intimate, impute
    formal aver
  • 5.1 he made out a receipt for $20
    write out, fill out, fill in, complete, draw up
  • 6.1 they made out in the back seat
    kiss, neck, caress, pet
    informal smooch, canoodle, fool around
  • make over
    Grandpa made over the deed to Uncle Marc
    transfer, sign over, turn over, hand over/on/down, give, leave, bequeath, bestow, pass on, assign, consign, entrust;
    Law  devolve
    make up
  • 1.1 let's kiss and make up
    be friends again, bury the hatchet, declare a truce, make peace, forgive and forget, shake hands, become reconciled, settle one's differences, mend fences, call it quits
  • 2.1 exports make up 42% of earnings
  • 3.1 Gina brought a friend to make up a foursome
    complete, round off/out, finish
  • 4.1 the pharmacist made up the prescription
    prepare, mix, concoct, put together
  • 5.1 he made up an excuse
  • 6.1 she made up her face
    apply makeup/cosmetics to, powder
    (make oneself up) informalput on one's face, do/paint one's face, apply one's war paint, doll oneself up
  • make up for
  • 1.1 she tried to make up for what she'd said
    atone for, make amends for, compensate for, make recompense for, make reparation for, make redress for, make restitution for, expiate
  • 2.1 job satisfaction can make up for low pay
  • make up one's mind
    you need to make up your mind about the job offer
    decide, come to a decision, make/reach a decision;
    settle on a plan of action, come to a conclusion, reach a conclusion;
    make way
    make way for the paramedics
    move aside, clear the way, make a space, make room, stand back
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