Synonyms of mark in English:



  • 1 a dirty mark
    blemish, streak, spot, fleck, dot, blot, stain, smear, speck, speckle, blotch, smudge, smut, fingermark, fingerprint; bruise, discoloration; birthmark
    informal splotch
    technical stigma
  • 2 a punctuation mark
  • 3 books bearing the mark of a well-known bookseller
  • 4 unemployment passed the three million mark
    point, level, stage, degree
  • 5 a mark of respect
    sign, token, symbol, indication, badge, emblem; symptom, evidence, proof
  • 6 the war left its mark on him
    impression, imprint, traces; effect, impact, influence
  • 7 the mark of a civilized society
    characteristic, feature, trait, attribute, quality, hallmark, calling card, badge, stamp, property, indicator
  • 8 he got good marks for math
    grade, grading, rating, score, percentage
  • 9 the bullet missed its mark
  • verb

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  • 1 be careful not to mark the paintwork
    discolor, stain, smear, smudge, streak, blotch, blemish; dirty, pockmark, bruise
    informal splotch
    literary smirch
  • 2 her possessions were clearly marked
    put one's name on, name, initial, label, identify; hallmark, watermark, brand
  • 3 I've marked the relevant passages
    indicate, label, flag, tick, check off, highlight; show, identify, designate, delineate, denote, specify
  • 4 a festival to mark the town's 200th anniversary
    celebrate, observe, recognize, acknowledge, keep, honor, solemnize, pay tribute to, salute, commemorate, remember, memorialize
  • 5 the incidents marked a new phase in their campaign
    represent, signify, be a sign of, indicate, herald
  • 6 his style is marked by simplicity and concision
    characterize, distinguish, identify, typify, brand, signalize, stamp
  • 7 I have a pile of essays to mark
    assess, evaluate, grade, appraise, correct
  • 8 it'll cause trouble, you mark my words!
    take heed of, heed, listen to, take note of, pay attention to, attend to, note, mind, bear in mind, take into consideration
  • Phrases

    make one's mark

    she intends to make her mark in Hollywoodbe successfuldistinguish oneselfsucceedbe a successprosperget aheadmake good informalmake itmake the grade

    mark down

    the prices will be marked down after Christmasreducedecreaselowercutput downdiscount informalslash

    mark up

    they were accused of marking up the cost before offering a discountincreaseraiseupput uphike (up)escalate informaljack up

    quick off the mark

    an elite force that was more quick off the mark than any fighting element in the sectoralertquickquick-wittedbrightcleverperceptivesharpsharp-wittedobservantwide awakeon one's toes informalon the ballquick on the uptake

    wide of the mark

    his answer was wide of the markinaccurateincorrectwrongerroneousoff targetoutmistakenmisguidedmisinformed

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