Synonyms of master in English:



  • 1 historical he acceded to his master's wishes
    lord, overlord, lord and master, ruler, sovereign, monarch, liege (lord), suzerain
    [Antonyms] servant underling
  • 2 the dog's master
    owner, keeper
  • 3 a chess master
    expert, adept, genius, past master, maestro, virtuoso, professional, doyen, authority, champion, record holder
    informal ace, pro, wizard, whiz, hotshot, maven, crackerjack
    [Antonyms] novice amateur
  • 4 the master of the ship
    captain, commander
    informal skipper
  • 5 their spiritual master
    guru, teacher, leader, guide, mentor; rabbi, swami, Maharishi
    [Antonyms] acolyte disciple
  • verb

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  • 1 I managed to master my fears
    overcome, conquer, beat, quell, quash, suppress, control, overpower, triumph over, subdue, vanquish, subjugate, prevail over, govern, curb, check, bridle, tame, defeat, get the better of, get a grip on, get over
    informal lick
  • 2 it took ages to master the technique
    learn, become proficient in, know inside out, know (frontward and) backwards; pick up, grasp, understand
    informal get the hang of
  • adjective

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  • 1 a master craftsman
  • 2 the master bedroom
    principal, main, chief; biggest
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