Synonyms of mess in English:



  • 1 please clear up the mess
  • 2 don't step in the dog mess
    excrement, muck, feces, excreta
  • 3 I've got to get out of this mess
    plight, predicament, tight spot/corner, difficulty, trouble, quandary, dilemma, problem, muddle, mix-up, imbroglio
    informal jam, fix, pickle, stew, scrape
  • Phrases

    make a mess of

    he made a mess of the project
    informal mess up, botch, make a hash of, foul up

    mess around

    don't mess around with any of the equipment
    fool around, fiddle about/around, play around;
    fidget, toy, trifle, tamper, tinker, interfere, meddle, monkey (around/about)

    mess up

  • 1.1 he messed up my kitchen
    clutter up, disarrange, jumble, dishevel, rumple
    informal muss up
    literary befoul
  • 2.1 informal Eddie really messed things up See make a mess of
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