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Synonyms of mind in English:


  • 1 expand your mind
    brain, intelligence, intellect, intellectual capabilities, brains, brainpower, wits, understanding, reasoning, judgment, sense, head
    informal gray matter, brain cells, smarts
  • 2 he kept his mind on the job
    attention, thoughts, concentration, attentiveness
  • 3 the tragedy affected her mind
    sanity, mental faculties, senses, wits, reason, reasoning, judgment
    informal marbles
  • 4 Justin's words stuck in her mind
    memory, recollection
  • 5 the country's great minds
    intellect, thinker, brain, scholar, academic
  • 6 I've a mind to complain
    inclination, desire, wish, urge, notion, fancy, intention, will
  • 7 we're of the same mind
    opinion, way of thinking, outlook, attitude, view, viewpoint, point of view
  • verb

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  • 1 do you mind if I smoke?
    care, object, be bothered, be annoyed, be upset, take offense, disapprove, dislike it, look askance
    informal give a damn, give a hoot
  • 2 mind the step!
    be careful of, watch out for, look out for, beware of, be on one's guard for, be wary of
  • 3 mind you wipe your feet
    be/make sure (that) you, see (that) you;
    remember to, don't forget to
  • 4 her husband was minding the baby
    look after, take care of, keep an eye on, attend to, care for, tend, babysit
  • 5 mind what your mother says
    pay attention to, heed, pay heed to, attend to, take note/notice of, note, mark, listen to, be mindful of;
    obey, follow, comply with
  • Word links

    mental, cognitive relating to the mind
    psychology the study of the mind
    psychiatry the branch of medicine concerned with the mind


    be of two minds
    I am of two minds about going to law school
    be undecided, be uncertain, be unsure, hesitate, waver, vacillate, hem and haw
    bear/keep in mind
    just bear in mind that you are not alone
    remember, note, be mindful of, take note of
    cross one's mind
    did it ever cross your mind that he just doesn't want to go?
    occur to one, enter one's mind/head, strike one, hit one, dawn on one
    give someone a piece of one's mind
    I'd really like to give that lying Patterson a piece of my mind See reprimand (verb)
    have in mind
    now, for the curtains, do you have a specific pattern in mind?
    think of, contemplate;
    intend, plan, propose, desire, want, wish
    never mind
  • 1.1 never mind the cost
    don't bother about, don't worry about, disregard, forget
  • 2.1 never mind, it's all right now
    don't apologize, forget it, don't worry about it, it doesn't matter
  • out of one's mind
  • 1.1 you must be out of your mind! See mad (sense 1)
  • 2.1 I've been out of my mind with worry
    frantic, beside oneself, distraught, in a frenzy
  • put someone in mind of
    the view here puts me in mind of Amsterdam
    remind of, recall, conjure up, suggest;
    resemble, look like
    to my mind
    to my mind, this is a clear case of blackmail
    in my opinion, in my view, as I see it, in my estimation, in my book, if you ask me
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