Synonyms of mix in English:



  • 1 mix all the ingredients together
    blend, mix up, mingle, combine, put together, jumble; fuse, unite, unify, join, amalgamate, incorporate, meld, marry, coalesce, homogenize, intermingle, intermix
    technical admix
    literary commingle
    [Antonyms] separate
  • 2 she mixes with all sorts
    associate, socialize, fraternize, keep company, consort; mingle, circulate, rub elbows
    informal hang out/around, hobnob, network
  • 3 we just don't mix
    be compatible, get along/on, be in harmony, see eye to eye, agree
    informal hit it off, click, be on the same wavelength
  • noun

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  • 1 a mix of ancient and modern
  • 2 genetically, the animal is a mix
    cross, cross-breed, mongrel, hybrid, half-breed, half-caste
  • Phrases

    mix up

  • 1.1 mix up the ingredients See sense 1 of the verb
  • 2.1 I mixed up the dates
    confuse, get confused, muddle (up), get muddled up, mistake
  • mixed up in

    how did she get mixed up in a car-theft ring?involved inembroiled incaught up in

    Definition of mix in:

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