Synonyms of money in English:



  • 1 have you got money for the train fare?
    cash, hard cash, ready money; the means, the wherewithal, funds, capital, finances, (filthy) lucre; coins, change, specie, silver, currency, bills, (bank) notes
    informal dough, bread, bucks, loot, greenbacks, moola, dinero, shekels, mazuma
    archaic pelf
  • 2 she married him for his money
    wealth, riches, fortune, affluence, assets, liquid assets, resources, means
  • 3 the money here is better
    pay, salary, wages, remuneration
    formal emolument
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    pecuniary, monetary relating to money
    numismatics the study or collection of coins and banknotes


    for my money

    for my money, they are the better teamin my opinionto my mindin my viewas I see itpersonallyin my estimationin my judgmentif you ask me

    in the money

    informal we're finally in the money See moneyed

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