Synonyms of mother in English:



  • 1 I will ask my mother
    female parent, materfamilias, matriarch
    informal mom, mommy, ma, mama
    chiefly British informal mum, mummy
  • 2 the foal's mother
  • 3 necessity is the mother of invention
    source, origin, genesis, fountainhead, inspiration, stimulus
    literary wellspring
  • 4 informal a mother of a storm
    informal humdinger, dilly, doozy, lulu, whopper
  • verb

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  • 1 she mothered her husband
    look after, care for, take care of, nurse, protect, tend, raise, rear;
    pamper, coddle, cosset, fuss over
    [Antonyms] neglect
  • 2 she mothered two sets of twins
    archaic be brought to bed of
  • adjective

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  • 1 my mother tongue
    native, first, original;
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    maternal relating to or like a mother
    matricide the killing of a mother by her child

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