Synonyms of mount in English:



  • 1 he mounted the stairs
    go up, ascend, climb (up), scale
    [Antonyms] descend
  • 2 the committee mounted the platform
    climb on to, jump on to, clamber on to, get on to
  • 3 they mounted their horses
    get astride, bestride, get on to, hop on to
  • 4 the museum is mounting an exhibition
    (put on) display, exhibit, present, install;
    organize, put on, stage
  • 5 the company mounted a takeover bid
    organize, stage, prepare, arrange, set up;
    launch, set in motion, initiate
  • 6 their losses mounted rapidly
    increase, grow, rise, escalate, soar, spiral, shoot up, rocket, climb, accumulate, build up, multiply
    [Antonyms] decrease, diminish
  • 7 cameras were mounted above the door
    install, place, fix, set, put up, put in position
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