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  • 1 a myriad of insects
    a multitude, a large/great number, a large/great quantity, scores, quantities, a mass, a host, droves, a horde
    informal lots, loads, masses, stacks, scads, tons, hundreds, thousands, millions, gazillions, bajillions


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As an adjective, myriad means ‘an indefinitely large number [of something]’ ( the Local Group comprises myriad galaxies ) or ‘made up of a great many diverse elements’ ( the myriad plant life of Amazonia ). As a noun, it's used with an article and of to mean ‘a large number’ ( the new CFO faced a myriad of cash-flow problems ). What's odd is that some authorities consider only the adjectival myriad correct—there's about a 50-50 chance that a given copyeditor will query a myriad of—even though the noun usage has a much longer and more distinguished history. It's really only in nineteenth-century poetry that myriad starts showing up as an adjective. So myriad's situation right now is confusing. It's tempting simply to recommend avoiding the noun usage so that there's no chance a reader will be bugged. The truth, though, is that any reader who's bugged by a myriad of is both persnickety and wrong—and you can usually rebut sniffy teachers, copyeditors, et al. by directing them to Coleridge's “Myriad myriads of lives teemed forth ….”
David Foster Wallace

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