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Synonyms of naturally in English:


  • 1 he's naturally shy
    by nature, by character, inherently, innately, congenitally
  • 2 try to act naturally
    normally, in a natural manner/way, unaffectedly, spontaneously, genuinely, unpretentiously
    informal natural
    [Antonyms] self-consciously
  • 3 naturally, they wanted everything kept quiet
    of course, as might be expected, needless to say;
    obviously, clearly, it goes without saying
    [Antonyms] surprisingly
  • Reflections


    Writers generally hope that their sentences smoothly interlock, and that any reader's eyes pass swiftly down the page without effort. To assist in creating this frictionless continuity, we sometimes turn to words like naturally or phrases like of course, in fact, and that said. These usually appear at the start of a sentence, simultaneously announcing new material while subtly or overtly harking back to earlier content. The occasional use of these locutions to promote continuity is fine, but all too often they merely signal slack writing. In themselves such words don't actually carry any meaning; they are simply syntactic grace notes—and employed too often they grow into verbal tics. As much as possible, cast out these fawning connectives and make your thinking the dynamic that sweeps the reader along. Prefer concision to clutter, the meaningful to the vacuous.
    Michael Dirda
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