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Synonyms of nice in English:


  • 1 have a nice time
    enjoyable, pleasant, agreeable, good, satisfying, gratifying, delightful, marvelous;
    entertaining, amusing, diverting, lovely, great
    [Antonyms] unpleasant
  • 2 a nice landlord
    pleasant, likable, agreeable, personable, congenial, amiable, affable, genial, friendly, charming, delightful, engaging;
    sympathetic, simpatico, compassionate, good
    [Antonyms] nasty
  • 3 nice manners
    polite, courteous, civil, refined, polished, genteel, elegant
    [Antonyms] unrefined, rough
  • 4 that's a rather nice distinction
    subtle, fine, delicate, minute, precise, strict, close;
    careful, meticulous, scrupulous
    [Antonyms] approximate, rough
  • 5 it's a nice day
    fine, pleasant, agreeable;
    dry, sunny, warm, mild
    [Antonyms] stormy, nasty
  • Usage


    Nice originally had a number of meanings, including ‘fine, subtle, discriminating’ ( they are not very nice in regard to the company they keep); ‘refined in taste, hard to please, fastidious’ ( for company so nice, the finest caterers would be engaged); and ‘precise, strict’ ( she has a nice sense of decorum). The overuse of nice to mean ‘pleasant, agreeable, satisfactory’ ( we had a very nice time; this is a nice room; he's a nice boy) has not only rendered the word rather trite, it has made it awkward to effectively use nice in the context of any of its other meanings
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