Synonyms of nod in English:



  • 1 she nodded her head
    incline, bob, bow, dip
  • 2 he nodded to me to start
    signal, gesture, gesticulate, motion, sign, indicate
  • noun

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  • 1 she gave a nod to the manager
    signal, indication, sign, cue; gesture
  • 2 a quick nod of his head
    inclination, bob, bow, dip
  • 3 Halifax will get the nod as host city
    approval, selection, sanction, endorsement
    informal OK, A-OK, green light, thumbs up
  • Phrases

    nod off

    give me a pillow and I'll nod off right this secondfall asleepgo to sleepdoze offdrop off informaldrift offgo out like a lightsack outdrift into the arms of Morpheus

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