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Synonyms of nose in English:


  • 1 a punch on the nose
    informal beak, snoot, schnoz, schnozzola, sniffer, honker
  • 2 a nose for scandal
    instinct, feeling, sixth sense, intuition, insight, perception
  • 3 wine with a fruity nose
  • 4 the plane's nose dipped
    nose cone, bow, prow, front end
  • verb

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  • 1 the dog nosed the ball
    nuzzle, nudge, push
  • 2 she's nosing into my business
    pry into, inquire about/into, poke around/about, interfere in/with, meddle in/with;
    be a busybody about, stick/poke one's nose in/into
    informal be nosy about, snoop around/into
  • 3 he nosed the car into the traffic
    ease, inch, edge, move, maneuver, steer, guide
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    nasal, rhinal relating to the nose


    by a nose
    Harris won the third race by a nose
    just, only just, barely, narrowly, by a hair's breadth, by the skin of one's teeth, by a whisker
    nose around/about
    you check the bedrooms and we'll nose around the kitchen
    investigate, explore, ferret around/through, rummage around/through, search;
    delve into, peer into;
    prowl around
    informal snoop around/about
    nose out
    the auditor was not expected to nose out every fraud
    detect, find, discover, bring to light, track down, dig up, ferret out, root out, uncover, unearth, sniff out
    on the nose
    informal the plane landed at 7:15 on the nose
    exactly, precisely, sharp, on the dot, on the button, promptly, prompt, dead on, bang on
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