Synonyms of nose in English:



  • 1 a punch on the nose
    snout, muzzle, proboscis, trunk
    informal beak, snoot, schnoz, schnozzola, sniffer, honker
  • 2 a nose for scandal
    instinct, feeling, sixth sense, intuition, insight, perception
  • 3 wine with a fruity nose
  • 4 the plane's nose dipped
    nose cone, bow, prow, front end
  • verb

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  • 1 the dog nosed the ball
    nuzzle, nudge, push
  • 2 she's nosing into my business
    pry into, inquire about/into, poke around/about, interfere in/with, meddle in/with; be a busybody about, stick/poke one's nose in/into
    informal be nosy about, snoop around/into
  • 3 he nosed the car into the traffic
    ease, inch, edge, move, maneuver, steer, guide
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    nasal, rhinal relating to the nose


    by a nose

    Harris won the third race by a nosejustonly justbarelynarrowlyby a hair's breadthby the skin of one's teethby a whisker

    nose around/about

    you check the bedrooms and we'll nose around the kitcheninvestigateexploreferret around/throughrummage around/throughsearchdelve intopeer intoprowl around informalsnoop around/about

    nose out

    the auditor was not expected to nose out every frauddetectfinddiscoverbring to lighttrack downdig upferret outroot outuncoverunearthsniff out

    on the nose

    informal the plane landed at 7:15 on the noseexactlypreciselysharpon the doton the buttonpromptlypromptdead onbang on

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