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Synonyms of novice in English:


  • 1 a five-day course for novices
    informal rookie, newbie, greenhorn
    [Antonyms] expert, veteran
  • 2 a novice who was never ordained
    postulant, proselyte, catechumen
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    novice, apprentice, beginner, neophyte, probationer
    All of these nouns are used to describe someone who has not yet acquired the skills and experience needed to qualify for a trade, career, profession, or sphere of life. Beginner is the most general and informal term, used to describe someone who has begun to acquire the necessary skills but has not yet mastered them ( violin lessons for beginners). An apprentice is also a beginner, usually a young person, who is serving under an experienced master or teacher to learn the skills of a trade or profession ( an apprentice to one of the great Renaissance painters); in a broad sense, apprentice refers to any beginner whose efforts are unpolished. Novice implies that the person lacks training and experience ( a novice when it came to writing fiction), while neophyte suggests that the person is eagerly learning the ways, methods, or principles of something ( he was a neophyte at this type of sailing). A probationer is a beginner who is undergoing a trial period, during which they must prove an aptitude for a certain type of work or life ( she was a lowly probationer, with no privileges or status).
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