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  • 1 I'm extremely busy now
    at the moment, at present, at the present (time/moment), at this moment in time, currently, presently
  • 2 television is now the main source of news
    nowadays, today, these days, in this day and age; in the present climate
  • 3 you must leave now
    at once, straightaway, right away, right now, this minute, this instant, immediately, instantly, directly, without further ado, promptly, without delay, as soon as possible
    informal pronto, straight off, ASAP
  • Phrases

    as of now

    as of now, cigarettes are banned in this housefrom this time onfrom now onhenceforthfrom this day forwardin (the) future formalhereafter

    for now

    for now, we'll just have saladfor the time beingfor the momentfor the presentfor the meantimefor the nonce

    not now

    I promise I will, but not nowlaterlater onsometimeone daysome dayone of these dayssooner or laterin due courseby and byeventuallyultimately

    now and again

    now and again, we like to visit the galleryoccasionallynow and thenfrom time to timesometimesevery so often(every) now and againat timeson occasion(s)(every) once in a whileperiodicallyonce in a blue moon

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