Synonyms of number in English:



  • 1 a whole number
    numeral, integer, figure, digit;
    character, symbol;
    decimal, unit;
  • 2 a large number of complaints
    total, aggregate, tally;
  • 3 the wedding of one of their number
  • 4 the band performed another number
    song, piece (of music), tune, show tune, track;
    routine, sketch, dance, act
  • verb

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  • 1 visitors numbered more than two million
  • 2 he numbers the fleet at a thousand
    assess, tot up
    formal enumerate
  • 3 each paragraph is numbered
    assign a number to, mark with a number;
    itemize, enumerate
  • 4 he numbers her among his friends
    include, count, reckon, deem
  • 5 his days are numbered
    limit, restrict, fix
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    numerical relating to numbers


    a number of

    she's collected a number of ashtrays
    several, various, quite a few, sundry

    without number

    the nights I've worried about those kids is without number
    numerous, many, multiple, manifold, legion

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