Synonyms of offend in English:



  • 1 I'm sorry if I offended him
    hurt someone's feelings, give offense to, affront, displease, upset, distress, hurt, wound;
    rub the wrong way
    informal rile, rattle, peeve, needle, miff, put someone's nose out of joint, put someone's back up
    vulgar slang piss off
  • 2 the smell of cigarette smoke offended him
    displease, be distasteful to, be disagreeable to, be offensive to, disgust, repel, revolt, sicken, nauseate, be repugnant to
    informal turn off, gross out
    [Antonyms] please, delight
  • 3 criminals who offend again and again
    break the law, commit a crime, do wrong, sin, go astray, transgress
    archaic trespass
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