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  • 1 the door's open
    not shut, not closed, unlocked, unbolted, unlatched, off the latch, unfastened, unsecured;
    ajar, gaping, wide open, yawning
    [Antonyms] closed, shut
  • 2 a blue silk shirt, open at the neck
    unfastened, not done up, undone, loose;
    unbuttoned, unzipped, unbuckled, untied, unlaced
  • 3 the main roads are open
    [Antonyms] blocked, impassable
  • 4 open countryside open spaces
    unenclosed, rolling, sweeping, extensive, wide open, unfenced, exposed, unsheltered;
    undeveloped, unbuilt-up
    [Antonyms] enclosed, developed
  • 5 a map was open beside him
    spread out, unfolded, unfurled, unrolled;
    extended, stretched out
    [Antonyms] closed (up), folded
  • 6 the bank wasn't open
    open for business, open to the public
    [Antonyms] closed
  • 7 the position is still open
    available, vacant, free, unfilled
    informal up for grabs
    [Antonyms] unavailable, filled
  • 8 the system is open to abuse
    vulnerable to, subject to, susceptible to, liable to, exposed to, an easy target for, at risk of, permitting of
    [Antonyms] immune
  • 9 she was open about her feelings
    frank, candid, honest, forthcoming, communicative, forthright, direct, unreserved, plain-spoken, outspoken, straightforward, blunt, not afraid to call a spade a spade
    informal upfront
    archaic free-spoken
    [Antonyms] secretive, withdrawn
  • 11 the case is still open
    open to debate, open for discussion, arguable, debatable, moot
    [Antonyms] resolved, concluded
  • 13 I'm open to suggestions
    receptive, amenable, willing to listen, ready to listen, responsive
  • 14 what other options are open to us?
    available, accessible, on hand, obtainable
  • 15 an open meeting
    public, general, unrestricted, nonexclusive, nonrestrictive
    [Antonyms] private
  • verb

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  • 1 she opened the front door
    unfasten, unlatch, unlock, unbolt, unbar;
    throw wide
    [Antonyms] close, shut
  • 2 Katherine opened the parcel
    unwrap, undo, untie, unseal
    [Antonyms] wrap, seal
  • 3 shall I open another bottle?
    uncork, broach, crack (open)
    [Antonyms] seal, cork
  • 4 Adam opened the map
    spread out, unfold, unfurl, unroll, straighten out;
    extend, stretch out
    [Antonyms] close, fold up
  • 5 he opened his heart to her
    reveal, uncover, expose, lay bare, bare, pour out, disclose, divulge
  • 6 we're hoping to open next month
    open for business, start trading, set up shop
  • 7 Valerie opened the meeting
    begin, start, commence, initiate, set in motion, launch, get going, get underway, get the ball rolling, get off the ground;
    [Antonyms] conclude, end
  • 8 the lounge opens on to a balcony
    give access to, lead to, be connected to, communicate with;
    face, overlook, command a view of
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    agoraphobia irrational fear of open or public places

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