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  • 1 the door's open
    not shut, not closed, unlocked, unbolted, unlatched, off the latch, unfastened, unsecured; ajar, gaping, wide open, yawning
    the door's open
    [Antonyms] closed shut
  • 2 a blue silk shirt, open at the neck
    unfastened, not done up, undone, loose; unbuttoned, unzipped, unbuckled, untied, unlaced
  • 5 a map was open beside him
    spread out, unfolded, unfurled, unrolled; extended, stretched out
    a map was open beside him
    [Antonyms] closed (up) folded
  • 6 the bank wasn't open
    open for business, open to the public
    the bank wasn't open
    [Antonyms] closed
  • 7 the position is still open
    available, vacant, free, unfilled
    informal up for grabs
    the position is still open
    [Antonyms] unavailable filled
  • 8 the system is open to abuse
    vulnerable to, subject to, susceptible to, liable to, exposed to, an easy target for, at risk of, permitting of
    the system is open to abuse
    [Antonyms] immune
  • 13 I'm open to suggestions
    receptive, amenable, willing to listen, ready to listen, responsive
  • 14 what other options are open to us?
    available, accessible, on hand, obtainable
  • 15 an open meeting
    public, general, unrestricted, nonexclusive, nonrestrictive
    an open meeting
    [Antonyms] private


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  • 1 she opened the front door
    unfasten, unlatch, unlock, unbolt, unbar; throw wide
    she opened the front door
    [Antonyms] close shut
  • 2 Katherine opened the parcel
    unwrap, undo, untie, unseal
    Katherine opened the parcel
    [Antonyms] wrap seal
  • 3 shall I open another bottle?
    uncork, broach, crack (open)
    shall I open another bottle?
    [Antonyms] seal cork
  • 6 we're hoping to open next month
    open for business, start trading, set up shop
  • 8 the lounge opens on to a balcony
    give access to, lead to, be connected to, communicate with; face, overlook, command a view of

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agoraphobia irrational fear of open or public places

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