Synonyms of opening in English:



  • 1 an opening in the center of the roof
  • 2 the opening in the wall
    doorway, gateway, portal, entrance, (means of) entry, entryway, way in, (means of) access;
    way out, exit, egress
  • 3 their defensive lapse gave Torrez the opening he needed
    opportunity, chance, window (of opportunity), possibility
    informal (lucky) break, shot
  • 4 an opening in the sales department
    vacancy, position, job, opportunity
  • 5 the opening of the session
    introduction, prefatory remarks, opening statement
    informal kickoff
    formal proem
    [Antonyms] close, closure
  • 6 a gallery opening
    opening ceremony, official opening, launch, inauguration;
    opening night, premiere, first showing, first night;
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