Synonyms of order in English:



  • 1 alphabetical order
    sequence, arrangement, organization, disposition, system, series, succession;
  • 2 his tidy desk demonstrates his sense of order
    symmetry, uniformity, regularity;
    [Antonyms] chaos, disarray
  • 3 the police were needed to keep order
    peace, control, law (and order), lawfulness, discipline, calm, (peace and) quiet, peacefulness, peaceableness
  • 4 the equipment was in good order
    condition, state, repair, shape
  • 5 I had to obey her orders
    demand, bidding, requirement, stipulation
    informal say-so
    formal ordinance
    literary behest
    [Antonyms] suggestion
  • 6 the company has won the order
    commission, contract, purchase order, request, requisition;
    booking, reservation
    [Antonyms] chaos
  • 7 the lower orders of society
    class, level, rank, grade, degree, position, category
    dated station
  • 8 the established social order
    (class) system, hierarchy, pecking order, grading, ranking, scale
  • 9 the higher orders of insects
    taxonomic group, class, family, species, breed;
  • 10 a religious order
  • 11 skills of a very high order
    type, kind, sort, nature, variety;
    quality, caliber, standard
  • verb

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  • 1 he ordered me to return
    formal adjure
    literary bid
  • 2 the judge ordered that their assets be confiscated
    decree, ordain, rule, legislate, dictate, prescribe
  • 3 you can order your tickets by phone
    request, apply for, place an order for;
    formal bespeak
  • 4 the messages are ordered chronologically
    organize, put in order, arrange, sort out, marshal, dispose, lay out;
    group, classify, categorize, catalog, codify, systematize, systemize
  • Phrases

    in order

  • 1.1 list the dates in order
  • 2.1 he found everything in order
    tidy, neat, orderly, straight, trim, shipshape, in apple-pie order;
    in position, in place
  • 3.1 I think it's in order for me to take the credit
    appropriate, fitting, suitable, acceptable, (all) right, permissible, permitted, allowable
    informal okay
  • order about/around

    what makes him think he can just waltz in and start ordering us about?
    tell what to do, give orders to, dictate to;
    lay down the law to
    informal boss around, push around

    out of order

    the elevator's out of order
    not working, not in working order, not functioning, broken, broken-down, out of service, out of commission, faulty, defective, inoperative;
    informal conked out, bust, busted, (gone) kaput, on the fritz, on the blink, out of whack

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