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Synonyms of overdo in English:


  • 1 she overdoes the love scenes
    exaggerate, overstate, overemphasize, overplay, go overboard with, overdramatize
    informal ham up, camp up
    [Antonyms] understate
  • 2 don't overdo the desserts
    overindulge in, have/use/eat/drink too much of, have/use/eat/drink to excess
  • 3 they overdid the beef
    overcook, burn
  • Phrases

    overdo it
    on your first day of an exercise program, you mustn't overdo it
    work too hard, overwork, do too much, burn the candle at both ends, overtax oneself, drive/push oneself too hard, work/run oneself into the ground, wear oneself out, bite off more than one can chew, strain oneself
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