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  • 1 she helped pack the picnic basket
    fill (up), put things in, load
  • 2 they packed their belongings
    stow, put away, store, box up
  • 3 the glasses were packed in straw
    wrap (up), package, parcel, swathe, swaddle, encase, enfold, envelop, bundle
  • 4 Christmas shoppers packed the store
    throng, crowd (into), fill (to overflowing), cram, jam, squash into, squeeze into


pack off

informal we packed our youngest son off to college just last week send offdispatchbundle off

pack up

  • 1.1 pack up your toys now
    put away, tidy up/away, clear up/away
  • 2.1 informal it's time to pack up
    stop, call it a day, finish, cease
    informal knock off, quit, pack it in

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