Synonyms of paint in English:



  • 1 a gallon of white paint
    coloring, colorant, tint, dye, stain, pigment, color
  • verb

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  • 1 paint the ceiling
    color, apply paint to, decorate, whitewash, emulsion, gloss, spray-paint, airbrush
  • 2 painting slogans on a wall
    daub, smear, spray-paint, airbrush
  • 3 Rembrandt painted his mother
  • 4 you paint a very stark picture of the suffering
    tell, recount, outline, sketch, describe, depict, evoke, conjure up
  • Phrases

    paint the town red

    informal we're taking the train into Albany, and we're gonna paint the town red
    celebrate, carouse, enjoy oneself, have a good/wild time, have a party
    informal go out on the town, whoop it up, make whoopee, live it up, party, have a ball

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