Synonyms of par in English:




below par

  • 1.1 their performances have been below par
    substandard, inferior, not up to scratch, subpar, under par, below average, second-rate, mediocre, poor, undistinguished
    informal not up to snuff, bush-league
  • 2.1 I'm feeling below par
    slightly unwell, not (very) well, not oneself, out of sorts; ill, unwell, poorly, washed out, run-down, peaked, off
    informal under the weather, not up to snuff, lousy, rough
  • on a par with

    his voice is on a par with Tony Bennettas good ascomparable within the same class/league asequivalent toequal toon a level withof the same standard as

    par for the course

    long hours are par for the course in cateringnormaltypicalstandardusualwhat one would expect

    up to par

    students whose grades are up to pargood enoughup to the marksatisfactoryacceptableadequateup to scratch informalup to snuff

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