Synonyms of pass in English:

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pass 1


  • 1 the traffic passing through the village
    go, proceed, move, progress, make one's way, travel
    [Antonyms] stop
  • 2 a car passed him
    overtake, go past/by, pull ahead of, overhaul, leave behind
    informal leapfrog
  • 3 time passed
    elapse, go by/past, advance, wear on, roll by, tick by
  • 4 he passed the time writing letters
    occupy, spend, fill, use (up), employ, while away
  • 5 pass me the salt
    hand (over), give, reach
  • 6 Max passed the ball back
    kick, hit, throw, lob
  • 7 her estate passed to her grandson
    be transferred, go, be left, be bequeathed, be handed down/on, be passed on;
    Law  devolve
  • 8 his death passed almost unnoticed
    literary befall
  • 9 the storm passed
    abate, fade (away), come to an end, blow over, run its course, die out, finish, end, cease, subside
  • 10 nature's complexity passes all human understanding
    surpass, exceed, transcend
  • 11 he passed the exam
    be successful in, succeed in, gain a pass in, get through
    informal sail through, scrape through
    [Antonyms] fail
  • 12 the senate passed the bill
    approve, vote for, accept, ratify, adopt, agree to, authorize, endorse, legalize, enact
    informal OK
    [Antonyms] reject
  • 13 she could not let that comment pass
    go (unnoticed), stand, go unremarked, go undisputed
  • 14 we should not pass judgment
    declare, pronounce, utter, express, deliver, issue
  • 15 passing urine
    discharge, excrete, evacuate, expel, emit, release
  • noun

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  • 1 you must show your pass
    permit, warrant, authorization, license
  • 2 a perfectly executed pass
    kick, hit, throw, cross, lateral (pass)
  • Phrases

    come to pass
    literary it came to pass that Dorothy left Roberto
    literary befall
    make a pass at
    are you accusing him of making a pass at you?
    make (sexual) advances to, proposition
    informal come on to, make a play for, hit on, make time with, put the make on
    pass away/on
    pass as/for
    I really think you could pass for an attorney
    be mistaken for, be taken for, be accepted as
    pass off
    he tried to pass her off as his daughter
    misrepresent, falsely represent;
    pass out
    this heat could make anyone pass out
    faint, lose consciousness, black out
    pass over
    many a great movie has been passed over by the Academy
    disregard, overlook, ignore, pay no attention to, let pass, gloss over, take no notice of, pay no heed to, turn a blind eye to
    pass up
    I should never have passed up my chance to go to Rome
    turn down, reject, refuse, decline, give up, forgo, let pass, miss (out on)
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    Synonyms of pass in English:

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    pass 2


  • 1 a pass through the mountains
    route, way, road, passage, cut, gap, notch
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